As an older (and nervous) rider, I was devastated when I had to put my horse down. When someone referred me here, I was hopeful (skeptical). I was shocked when I was going to look at an older more mature trail horse ( more $$$), Neil said “she would not be a match for you. I rode “Piper” twice. I knew I could be happy with her, but in my experience, horse people are not the most forthcoming. Fast forward almost 2 weeks. Piper AKA Ella, is EXACTLY what she was sold as. She is a perfect fit!!! She is young, but sweet and has a great head about her. Thank you thank you thank you. Not only for your honesty and integrity, but also for your kindness and understanding during a difficult emotional time. Ella is now, and forever, a loved family member.

My son is Autistic, ADHD, and has an Anxiety disorder and has been taking lessons from Cindy for a few months now. She has done such a great job with him that my mother started taking lessons.  So as a family we decided to buy a horse and we talked to Neal.  He said ok I’ll look for one for you.  Neal will not just sell you any horse he will only sell you a horse if it is a good match for you which is great as we are first-time horse buyers and don’t know much. Now we have our newest family member George! I couldn’t thank Neal for everything he has done for my son and my family! Thank you so much!

Absolutely fabulous I can’t say enough good things about it thank you Neal Mercier for the best horse imaginable!!

Neal matches the horse & rider….and ask him about his policy!

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